3d Modeling: The Basic Concept of 3D

3D Modeling

3d Modeling: The Basic Concept of 3D

3d Modeling: The Basic Concept of 3D – By Ahmad M. Billah, Creative Marketing Manager


What is 3D Modeling?

How can you show your ideas to others that do not exist? Because ideas can be shown in only visual form and here comes one of the exiting and mesmerizing modern form of creative art and design called the 3D modeling (Three Dimensional Modeling). Simply 3D modeling refers to the procedure of developing 3D models using various kinds of specialized software. The process of creating a wireframe model that represents a 3 dimensional object. The object may be alive means animated or inanimate. The process in which three dimensional models are created using a set of points in 3D space, which are connected by various geometric data such as lines, and curve surfaces, is called 3D modeling.

Four popular methods that create 3D Models

Polygonal modeling
Polygonal modeling is the process of creating a 3D model by connecting line segments through points in a 3D space.


Primitive Modeling
By using geometric primitives such as cylinders, cones, cubes and balls, complex models are created. This tactic ensures easy creation as the forms are mathematically distinct and precise. Technical applications mostly use primitive modeling to develop 3D models.

NURBS Modeling

(Non-uniform rational B-spline) NURBS modeling method can be found in common software like Maya. Using this modeling technique developer can create smooth-surfaced 3D models.

Splines and Patches Modeling
Splines and patches methods are alike to the NURBS modeling procedure. They depend on curved lines to identify the visible surface. 3D modeling can be easily performed using dedicated software like Maya, and 3D Studio Max.

One of the major growing entertainment industries is video game industry. It uses various 3D modeling methods to create realistic character models for video games. In the medical field, detailed models of human body organs are created using various advanced 3D modeling software. The engineering community uses 3D computer aided design (CAD) programs to create three dimensional models of new devices, vehicles and structures.

Mostly used 3d modeling software The common and preferred used software are 3DS Max, Alibr3D Scanning, AC3D, AutoCAD, AutoQ3D, Cheetah3D, Cloud9, FormZ, Maya, Magics, NetFabb,Rhino3D, Solidworks.


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