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3D Modeling Studio - By Ahmad M. Billah, Creative Marketing Manager 


Roopokar 3D modeling studio has the capability to create top quality models. Here we can develop, produce our own 3D animation products such as architectural models both exterior and interior, various character and object for video games for entertainment mostly for the advertisement purposes.

Roopokar 3D modeling studio knows its work, we not only provide an excellent production service but also we customized the target market and goals towards the customer and helps our client to full fill their specific needs.


Company Overview: Roopokar 3D modeling studio is your place to create world-class 3D computer graphics animation. We dedicate ourselves in the process of develop and produce high-impact animated commercials with outstanding animated characters that can take your business on a different level.

Creative Team: We have been servicing the industry for years in 3D, Video Production and Visual Effects. We are one of the most experienced and creative team of Animation Specialists in the industry servicing clients globally. We can visually communicate any thought or idea you have. We are fully staffed with 3D Animators, Producers, Cartoonists, Sound Designers, anything you need to make your graphics come alive and your project a success.


Availability: We are always available to service your needs. You will always be able to get a hold of us the same day. We work late and weekends just to make sure your project exceed your expectations every time.


Commitment: The success of Roopokar 3D modeling studio is based upon the passion of its team for delivering its’ products and services. Our experienced staff knows how to construct user affinity.


Prompt Services: Austin Visuals has a state-of-the-art animation pipeline, one of the few in the industry that allows our company to provide you with a much wider variety of related services than our competitors. We have a reputation for getting anything done and we stand by it.


Your safety and privacy are of the utmost importance to us. Our systems are continually backed up by secure servers and our infrastructure remains secure behind some of the best firewalls in the industry and we regularly sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) so that your project can remain completely trustworthy for as long as you want. You can rest assured; your privacy will always be appreciated by us.


We operate with an unmatched level of experience, hard work, and transparency with your project to make sure your project is delivered on time, every time. We don’t sleep until your project is delivered and you’re completely happy with your product. . We can assure your trust.  For any kind of 3D project in your organization we are the best in Bangladesh because our work shows our affectivity. You can contact us through our contact page, or you can visit our official website:

3D Modeling

3d Modeling: The Basic Concept of 3D – By Ahmad M. Billah, Creative Marketing Manager


What is 3D Modeling?

How can you show your ideas to others that do not exist? Because ideas can be shown in only visual form and here comes one of the exiting and mesmerizing modern form of creative art and design called the 3D modeling (Three Dimensional Modeling). Simply 3D modeling refers to the procedure of developing 3D models using various kinds of specialized software. The process of creating a wireframe model that represents a 3 dimensional object. The object may be alive means animated or inanimate. The process in which three dimensional models are created using a set of points in 3D space, which are connected by various geometric data such as lines, and curve surfaces, is called 3D modeling.

Four popular methods that create 3D Models

Polygonal modeling
Polygonal modeling is the process of creating a 3D model by connecting line segments through points in a 3D space.


Primitive Modeling
By using geometric primitives such as cylinders, cones, cubes and balls, complex models are created. This tactic ensures easy creation as the forms are mathematically distinct and precise. Technical applications mostly use primitive modeling to develop 3D models.

NURBS Modeling

(Non-uniform rational B-spline) NURBS modeling method can be found in common software like Maya. Using this modeling technique developer can create smooth-surfaced 3D models.

Splines and Patches Modeling
Splines and patches methods are alike to the NURBS modeling procedure. They depend on curved lines to identify the visible surface. 3D modeling can be easily performed using dedicated software like Maya, and 3D Studio Max.

One of the major growing entertainment industries is video game industry. It uses various 3D modeling methods to create realistic character models for video games. In the medical field, detailed models of human body organs are created using various advanced 3D modeling software. The engineering community uses 3D computer aided design (CAD) programs to create three dimensional models of new devices, vehicles and structures.

Mostly used 3d modeling software The common and preferred used software are 3DS Max, Alibr3D Scanning, AC3D, AutoCAD, AutoQ3D, Cheetah3D, Cloud9, FormZ, Maya, Magics, NetFabb,Rhino3D, Solidworks.


 Roopokar 3D studio
We are the prominent 3D studio in Bangladesh. In our firm we have the most efficient 3D designer. We furnished sophisticated work like McGraw-Hill’s, Helious Design, PRAN,  Akij Ceramics, Partex Star Group and others firms. In our firm we care about your work with extreme level of professionalism. We can assure your trust.  For any kind of 3D project in your organization we are the best in Bangladesh because our work shows our affectivity. You can contact us through our contact page, or you can visit our official website:



Product Design

Product Design by Ahmad M. Billah, Creative Marketing Manager


Product Design
Did you ever ask yourself why you buy Great Value Chicken, Cookies, Desserts, Dried Fruit, Fish, Fruit, Milk, Oatmeal, Beans, Beef, Bread, Pasta, Rice, Cereal, Cheese, Nuts, Turkey, Vegetables, Yogurt, Sauces, Snacks, Soups and so on….? Specially my favorite Apple Juice. The answer for that easy but technical question is simply “Product Design”.

My Perception
As a person whenever I go to Walmart, I buy lots of Great Value product. It occurs So many times of them that I do not even know the other brand names for different company. The answer of my question is that the product design and the branding along with the pricing policy of Great Value is so carefully construct that people tend to go the rows and chose these product.

Reasons for Design
One of the major reason people buy any product is its design and here come Roopokar 3D Studio consist of extraordinary creative mind. One of the most exciting regions in product design is the study of the culture that the products are designed for. That define why we love certain products and brands and how some of the most promising products last decades.



Product Design Roopokar 3D Studio Follows
Roopokar 3D Studio’s design adds value across the entire continuum of a product’s development from idea to reality. Roopokar 3D Studio’s design plays a key role in the success of the company’s extensive product range which contains some of local and international best known brands such as McGraw-Hill, Partex Star Group, Frank M. Booth, Inc., PRAN, Akij Ceramics. Roopokar 3D Studio’s design helps to improve the form of a product such as its look, the function, how it works, and its meaning for users, overall how this particular brand associates emotionally and involves with the consumer.



3D Product Design Clients
Roopokar 3D Studio has a team that is interested and motivated on evolving successful products during the development cycle. Our team members are engaged with keeping their attention and determination toward the program forward. We have designed product like PRAN Bangladesh, McGraw-Hill and Helious Design. Our 3D models from McGraw-Hill and other foreign companies are well known. If you have any idea in your mind you can contact with us about any kind of product design 2d or 3d. In Roopokar 3d studio official website you will find lots of sample work done by us.


In Roopokar 3D Studio we believe that being fast and focusing on speed does not always mean you are producing satisfactory results. Because we know that creativity takes time and to complete something fast can sometimes lead to costly errors that actually added project costs and time delays. For more information contact us or you can visit:


Roopokar 3D Studio is an independent 3d modeling and animation studio located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are providing 3d modeling, 3d animation, 3d rendering, 3d product design, 3d architectural modeling and animation, 3d medical illustration, digital content creation in 3d, 3d logo design and animation, 3d character modeling and animation, fluid particle and dynamic simulation services to our national and international clients.

In recent days 3d modeling and animation is a best part of creative agencies who are making stunning commercials to boost brands socially and other ways. Mainly 3d modeling and animated video used for ad, tutorials, educative video, knowledge sharing, social awareness. With advance capability of 3d modeling and animation we are creating high quality and industry standard modeling and animation reels for digital media. For demonstrating your product and services we are creating photo realistic product design to architectural modeling and animation and everything in-between.

We have a team of creative director, 3d artists, graphic designers, project managers and video producers. So, can we deliver every proejct completely from every aspect of effective project with efficiency. Our 3d modeling and animation studio is offering best quality but at an affordable price and quick turn-around time. So,if you have any project of 3d modeling and animation which needs high class 3d modeling, rendering and animation; please give us a call to +8801730642525 or you can drop your message by our contact page. Need to know more about our 3d studio, then please visit:

3D Industrial Rendering

ROOPOKAR 3D STUDIO is one of the best and high-end 3D modeling and animation company in Bangladesh providing photo realistic 3D industrial rendering. We are specialized in developing industrial 3D animations and visual marketing tools for a variety of fields such as oil and gas, automotive, manufacturing, trucking and logistics, patent engineering, and architectural design.

We have vast experience in 3D industrial rendering and animation and development of 3D models to portray your industrial blue print. With our in-depth experience, ability and resources, we will provide you the complete 3D industrial rendering solution to ensure a seamless visual impression for your company.

Using state-of-art technology and over 3 years experiences we are offering 3D industrial modeling services to the designer’s intent and concept. It helps inventors and designers focus on the technical aspects of the process rather than on the drawing, sketching and modeling.

With the collaboration of your company, our team will provide the best 3D industrial rendering and animation solution at an affordable price. We also assure on time delivery of every projects. If you want 3D industrial modeling and rendering service, please call +8801730642525 or you can send message through contact us page. To know more about 3d industrial rendering and animation services, please visit: 

3D Architectural Rendering

ROOPOKAR 3D STUDIO is one of the leading Bangladeshi 3D modeling and animation studio specialized in 3D architectural rendering, architectural animation, architectural visualization, architectural walk through, architectural fly through and multimedia presentation. Established in 2010, we have been worked successfully with some leading companies in the world.

ROOPOKAR 3D STUDIO collaborates with architects, designers, developers, builders, marketing firms and corporations on commercial, industrial, civic and residential projects. Our affordable and high quality photorealistic 3d architectural rendering fully expresses their design ideas and help enhance sales and marketing efforts.

ROOPOKAR 3D STUDIO produces highly realistic 3D architectural animation for architects, planners, design studios, real estate developers and graphic companies. Architectural animation can fully present projects vividly.

We are delivering customized service with most demanding challenges of any international market, for any project of any scale and complexity. We are ready to satisfy our customers’ needs, having the most up-to-date appropriate tools effective work teams, efficient solutions, affordable price and on time delivery.

If you are looking for high quality 3d architectural rendering service, please drop a message by our contact us page. To know more, please visit:

ROOPOKAR 3D STUDIO is a leading 3D medial illustration company located in Bangladesh. We are providing photo realistic 3D medical illustration for medical institutions, doctors, educational institutions, medical laboratory, medical tutorials etc. We are also capable of producing medical illustration with 3D animation video tutorials.

ROOPOKAR 3D STUDIO is highly capable of producing detailed medical animations showing the 3dimensional structures of anatomical subjects and complex cellular processes. Animation can also be used to demonstrate how surgical instruments work. The instruments can be shown in animated movie, demonstrating the function of the instrument and rendered using realistic textures.

Animations can be provided as movie files such as .mov and Mp4 or as image sequences including PNG format with alpha channel. When producing an animation the first job is to create a detailed and accurate storyboard. This is done by refining initial sketches between ROOPOKAR 3D STUDIO and the client. When the storyboard is complete a rough version of the animation is created. This is then checked for any errors and minor adjustments made.

The final stage in the process is to render the animation as a high quality movie file or image sequence.

If you have any project regarding 3d medical illustration, please send us a message through contact us page. To know more about our 3d modeling and animation studio, please visit: