Medical Illustration

3D Medical Illustration
Roopokar 3D Studio is one of the best 3D medical illustration service providers in Bangladesh in 3D industry. We are offering fast, affordable and quality 3D medical illustration and animation services to our national and international clients.
We are a high-class 3D studio in Bangladesh, creating medical illustrations, animations and 3D content for educational institutions and advertising agencies. ROOPOKAR 3D STUDIO is also producing 3D contents for web and mobile media (for the iPhone/ iPad and Android marketplace). Our team has 3 years practical experience in creating high quality 3D medical illustration for international clients.
We use 3D programs to create detailed illustration of anatomy, surgery or laboratory experiments for education perspective, for presentation, for health care professionals. Moreover, ROOPOKAR 3D Illustration team is capable to produce detailed vector illustration using adobe illustrator of any objects.

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