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Product Design

Product Design

Product Design by Ahmad M. Billah, Creative Marketing Manager


Product Design
Did you ever ask yourself why you buy Great Value Chicken, Cookies, Desserts, Dried Fruit, Fish, Fruit, Milk, Oatmeal, Beans, Beef, Bread, Pasta, Rice, Cereal, Cheese, Nuts, Turkey, Vegetables, Yogurt, Sauces, Snacks, Soups and so on….? Specially my favorite Apple Juice. The answer for that easy but technical question is simply “Product Design”.

My Perception
As a person whenever I go to Walmart, I buy lots of Great Value product. It occurs So many times of them that I do not even know the other brand names for different company. The answer of my question is that the product design and the branding along with the pricing policy of Great Value is so carefully construct that people tend to go the rows and chose these product.

Reasons for Design
One of the major reason people buy any product is its design and here come Roopokar 3D Studio consist of extraordinary creative mind. One of the most exciting regions in product design is the study of the culture that the products are designed for. That define why we love certain products and brands and how some of the most promising products last decades.



Product Design Roopokar 3D Studio Follows
Roopokar 3D Studio’s design adds value across the entire continuum of a product’s development from idea to reality. Roopokar 3D Studio’s design plays a key role in the success of the company’s extensive product range which contains some of local and international best known brands such as McGraw-Hill, Partex Star Group, Frank M. Booth, Inc., PRAN, Akij Ceramics. Roopokar 3D Studio’s design helps to improve the form of a product such as its look, the function, how it works, and its meaning for users, overall how this particular brand associates emotionally and involves with the consumer.



3D Product Design Clients
Roopokar 3D Studio has a team that is interested and motivated on evolving successful products during the development cycle. Our team members are engaged with keeping their attention and determination toward the program forward. We have designed product like PRAN Bangladesh, McGraw-Hill and Helious Design. Our 3D models from McGraw-Hill and other foreign companies are well known. If you have any idea in your mind you can contact with us about any kind of product design 2d or 3d. In Roopokar 3d studio official website you will find lots of sample work done by us.


In Roopokar 3D Studio we believe that being fast and focusing on speed does not always mean you are producing satisfactory results. Because we know that creativity takes time and to complete something fast can sometimes lead to costly errors that actually added project costs and time delays. For more information contact us or you can visit:


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